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Best Middle Eastern-2012
"Most people know Abdallah's for its pita bread, which is baked fresh every day and found in many grocery stores and restaurants across the city. And you can pick up some loaves for yourself at its storefront location, along with an array of fresh and frozen food from its kitchens. Its steam-table lunch is a great deal during busy weekdays, offering Lebanese favorites such as shawarma, kibbeh nayyeh, baba ghanoush and stuffed eggplant. Weekend breakfasts find people enjoying hot bowls of foul, and the kanafeh-laden dessert trays are a popular item to grab to go."

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Best Pita Bread - 2008

"Abdallah's sells its pita bread not only at the store but also to many of the Middle Eastern restaurants and supermarkets in town. The bread here is large, about 12 inches in ­diameter. Six come in a package for the incredible price of $1.25. A whole-wheat version is available for $1.50. When toasted, the bread opens to form the perfect pocket, ready to be filled with your favorite falafel. Alternatively, you can tear off a piece and scoop up your favorite hummus or tabouleh. Even alone, the bread has a lot of flavor."
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Rumor to RestWho says Houston has bad shawarma?

"There's no good shawarma in Houston.

At least, that's the story my Lebanese friend was trying to sell me a few weeks ago.

"Have you been to Abdallah's?" I asked her. She had not. "You're ­Lebanese, and you haven't been to Abdallah's? We're fixing this immediately."

Over a chicken shawarma with fresh, tangy tabbouleh on the side, my friend said happily through a mouthful of food: "Oh God, this is so good." She speared a piece of stewed okra off my plate, then followed it with a forkful of nutty rice. "This tastes just like my mama's food!" She appeared to be in Levantine food heaven.

It's not entirely her fault that she'd never been to this reliable Middle Eastern outpost. My friend has only been in Houston for three years, after all, and Abdallah's Bakery itself seems to fly remarkably under the radar despite serving fantastic food — especially during lunch — for the last dozen years..."

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"My first visit Abdallah's Bakery many years ago got me hooked. The friendly family-owned establishment always gives better authentic Lebanese food better than anyone else in town. Also, ever since the remodeling after hurricane Ike, the exterior is much more up to date and brighter; though it never was a deterrent before. Inside is low-key and pleasurable. Choose your meal of choice from the steam line, and shop for spices and packaged sweets, then be ready to get rolled out to your car since you'll be so stuffed!"

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"It was my first time at the Restaurant. I have seen it there for many years and decided to finally try it. I came in and it felt like walking into my grandmothers house-warm and comforting. I wasn't sure of some of the menu items since I never tried Lebanese food previously but they explained some of the items I was interested in. I went for the special, which was the chicken shawarma and it came with a side. I enjoyed it! I even tried some of the baklava for desert. I had such a great time, I plan on going back soon!"

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"There is no substitute for Abdallah's.  A family owned bakery and eatery that has been serving Houston since the 80s.  In my 20 years as a customer, I've been served by perhaps only 3  different people.  That kind of consistency is what keeps me coming back.  Mind you, this isn't some hipster type place with lots of gizmos to keep you trapped there.  There is no wi-fi, or tv... just great food served by great people.  If you get your shawarma somewhere else, you are looking for second place."

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